Chapter Quartets

Chapter Quartets

The barbershop quartet is often times considered the epitome of barbershop singing. When people think of barbershop, it is often of four men singing in close harmony and busting chords into the wee hours of the night. As members of our chorus grow and develop as barbershop singers, they often decide to come together to form quartets and experience the joy ringing chords in a small group with only an individual on each part. Here are the quartets currently in our chapter.

Spontaneous Combustion
Spontaneous Combustion initially got together to help the chorus. Chorus directors Tim Pashon and Kevin O'Keefe needed to fill some time during performances so they wrangled Kevin Deets and Jason Brown together to form a quartet but after a few rehearsals, the guys decided to stay together and have some fun. Kevin, Kevin, Tim, and Jason all love to sing and perform.  Their varied repertoire and joyful nature make them perfect entertainers for your event.  Enjoy Spontaneous Combustion, as they certainly enjoy singing for you!
Contact: Kevin O'Keefe

Greenridge Musical KaPeR
Greenridge Musical KaPeR is a new, old quartet. Made up of four mature gentlemen, they boast over 70 years combined singing in the barbershop style. With a varied repertoire of traditional barbershop, gospel, contemporary, songs of love and songs for just plain fun, they would love to sing for you. Please contact Rex for availability.

Contact: Rex H. Winget

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